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Providing industrial security services in Chennai to our customers, Lock Security and Facility Services have come a long way. Catering to the needs of industries like healthcare, software, media, hospitality and many more, we have fulfilled the requirements for security guards for enterprises. Having fully trained and uniform security officers and personal who provide a physical security to all the industries and factories, our company is highly dedicated towards executing security operations with commitment. Healthcare organizations are highly vulnerable and need tight security for their smooth operations.

Today we are facing a new and unique set of challenges. Our recently-digitized healthcare records have turned out to be valuable to criminals, while hospitals, clinics, and other organizations are still gaining knowledge how to secure them. Defense Security Service is tasked with facilitating personnel security investigations, supervising Industrial Security and performing security education and awareness training.

A growing number of healthcare organizations are therefore hiring security guards and officers or chief information officers to govern and overseas all areas of protection. Security will get us more time. With that extra time, we can move the focus to the betterment of these industries including software, media, hospitality and others. Securing these industries is not a one-time task. It is a continuous process as the technology around us evolves. It is our immense dedication to tighten the security measures to create a safer and smarter world by using the industrial security services.

specialised medical equipment

Specialized Medical Equipment

Lock Security and Facility Services render industrial security services in Chennai to its clients with skilled and qualified professionals. We provide an excellent team of trained security guards and also services to the corporate, factories, many other industries. Healthcare organizations also have specialized medical equipment that could pose particular protection challenges.

Trained Securities

Trained Securities

Lock Facility is one of the most successful security service providers in Chennai who has gained the trust of the clients within a short time span. In order to oversee all areas of protection for varied industries, high quality security services are needed which can be satisfied by professional providers like Lock facility.

Types of Services

  • Industrial and Manufacturing services
  • Security Access Control services
  • Construction Traffic Control services
  • Parking Lot Attendant services

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Why LOCK security

What make LOCK Security different from other security Service providers in the industry is the energy, power and analytical approach we showcases when it is any kind of security concerns clients shared with us. Read more

What LOCK Security Do ?

We offer 24x7 close protection service for our clients. We utilize the help of technology also to ensure the safety steps executed are foolproof. Read more

Who Make LOCK Security A Successful Security Service Provider?

Experienced and versatile personalities work behind LOCK Security to make it one of the most successful security Service Provider in Chennai. Read more

What is the Working Style of LOCK Security ?

We put forth an analytical approach to the security operations and duties entrusted on us by our clients. Our team consists of experienced as well young members that make a rich mix of being an excellent team. We provide the 24x7 support facility to meet any need of the clients regarding the service provided. Read more

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