Facility Management Services In Chennai

Working with the belief to satisfy our clients, we are involved in providing Facility Management Services.

Professionals for Facility Management Services

Facility management services in Chennai, provided by Lock Security and Facility Services Company in an efficient manner. Facility management includes multiple disciples and requires a great leadership and strategy to execute. A facility manager has to be highly talented and his or her role should incorporate skills and abilities to effectively perform the tasks. He or she should be able to handle basic operation and maintenance practices and concepts. International Organization for Standardization has also published international standards relating to Facility Management. Our facility managers have all these qualities and tactically plan for accomplishing the day to day Facility Management tasks supporting the operation of a facility.

Our Services:

  • Day to day housekeeping and cleaning services: This kind of services when given to a reliable source will help you to maintain a suitable working environment for the employees and their activities.
  • Guesthouse care taking: On your behalf, we take care of the guests services and maintain the guesthouses for their cleanliness and other services.
  • Manpower/Staff supporting: We provide you with well trained workers and staffs capable of offering the best solutions to you.
  • Labour Contracting: We have selected labour force under various categories for you, who are tested on the basis of skills and task performance.
  • Gardening Services: This includes our services for looking after all the plants, mowing the lawn, De-weeding, applying fertilizer and treatment with pesticides and insecticides.

Facility Management Services

Lock Security and Facility Services have the right tools and support to keep up with the ever growing profession and aim for performance of the facility services every time we deliver to our clients. Advancing in the profession of facility management and contributing towards many industries locally and globally, we are highly looked for it.


User Satisfaction

We will assure to improve end-user satisfaction, drive continuous improvement and will minimize operational risks for your businesses. Bringing the new ideas and market intelligence we offer suitable business needs and updates to achieve greater outcomes. We believe in providing high quality solutions to our clients and customer satisfaction.

Types of Facility Management Services

  • Electrical Services
  • Plumbing services
  • Cleaning services
  • Plant Maintenance

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