Satisfaction of clients is the main aim of LOCK SECURITY & FACILITY SERVICES team while committing provision for security services.

Event Security Services

Our event security guards remain alert throughout the whole event, and ensure the safety of presenters and we provide our security personnel for the smooth operation of the event.We provide tailored security solutions combining electronic gadgetry and security personnel, using computerized systems for coordination and control.

security service
security service

Trusted Security Solutions

LOCK Security services is the dream project of the hard core group of ex-service man & the well experienced professionals who have the experience of working to protect the nation.By constantly improving our quality in the concern of security services to our clients. We are gradually achieving the status of complete security service providers in Chennai.

Service FAQ’s

what will the security guard do?

The Security Guard will be supplied with duties & procedures that have been discussed by both the client and Lock Facility Security. Every client has unique requirements so it becomes very important to have good communication between the client and us.

will your security guards be armed?

Our security guards are equipped with the latest technology so they can be effective in watching for and reporting suspicious activity along with responding the citizen’s concerns.

what type of training do your security guards have?

All licensed security guards must complete a mandatory Basic Security Training course.All Guarding Personnel deployed by Lock Security undergo the basic Security Training Course which imparts the necessary skills to perform their duties with great efficiency and productivity. The training process is ongoing and progressive throughout the employee’s career to refresh and further develop their knowledge.

will a guard make an arrest?

Our guards are trained to make arrests and know the legal rights of making a citizen’s arrest. Licensed security guards have no special powers of arrest and are prohibited in using handcuffs or any type of restraining devices.

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